Cosmetic surgery is a division of Plastic Surgery with the purpose of seeking harmony in form without interfering with organ function or disease treatment. The motivation of people who look for this kind of intervention is to reshape body structure, aiming at improving appearance. Usual procedures include removal of wrinkles, excess skin, or fat; correction of ears and chins; implants; and augmentation or reduction of body parts such as breasts, nose, thighs, and buttocks.

Types of surgery performed are:

  • liposuction (to remove localized fat),
  • abdominoplasty (to remove excess skin in the abdominal region),
  • reduction mammoplasty (to reduce and lift the breasts),
  • breast augmentation (to increase breast size, usually including prosthesis placement),
  • rhytidectomy (to remove wrinkles and excess skin on the face),
  • blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery),
  • rhinoplasty (to improve the shape of the nose),
  • otoplasty (for ear correction).

In Guilherme Graziosi’s view, the procedures applied in cosmetic surgery can play a significant role in revitalizing personal image and in recovering self-esteem on a patient.

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