This procedure aims at repairing undesirable scars after surgical interventions, accidents, and other events.

There are different techniques to perform the procedure, including simple resection with suture, resection and flap advancement, resection and grafting, resection and zetaplasty, and the use of skin expanders.

The technique used and the kind of scar will determine the postoperative recommendations. The kind of anesthesia will be determined based on the technique used, being either local with sedation or general. Those factors will also determine if the procedure will be performed at the clinic or in the hospital.

Procedure duration also depends on the technique for each specific case, lasting 1 hour or more. Recovery can take 1-4 weeks.

Plastic surgeon Guilherme Graziosi M.D. says that superficial external-beam radiotherapy may be indicated after keloid resection to prevent recurrence. Guilherme works in Niterói and reminds patients that no scar can be eliminated forever, but contemporary plastic surgery techniques can minimize the scar and give a more polished look to the injured area.

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