Reconstructive microsurgeries are surgical interventions that require image magnification to be performed. The instruments used for magnification can be surgical magnifying glasses, special glasses, or even microscopes to facilitate the visualization of the anatomy and of small surgical instruments that enable micro sutures.

Reconstructive microsurgery is one of plastic surgeon Guilherme Graziosi’s specialties. He highlights the importance of such techniques for plastic surgeries that aim at the high surgical and aesthetic challenge of repairing great defects caused, for example, after oncologic resections.

Reconstructive Microsurgery comprises several surgical procedures that allow for the transfer of blocks of tissue from a body part onto another that has some defect due to trauma, tumor resection, or congenital deformity. These surgeries include micro sutures with fine thread.

The purpose of these reconstructions is to achieve the best possible results, both functionally and aesthetically, with minimal morbidity to the region from which the donor tissue block was obtained.

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