This intervention is recommended for patients who present sagging and drooping breasts, caused either by aging, changes in weight, or breastfeeding.

The procedure can include the placement of silicone prosthesis or not. In the first case, silicone is used to fill the empty spaces in the case of ptosis caused by structural atrophy. The silicone will help return the format and support for the breast.

In the latter case excess skin (and often fat and glands) are removed, and then the breast is repositioned. The type of anesthesia used is general. This procedure lasts for 2-4 hours with a required hospitalization period of 24 hours.

Plastic surgeon Guilherme Graziosi M.D. says that recovery depends heavily on patient care, who must not make any physical effort, especially with the arms, in the first days after the procedure. But the result pays off, because the repositioning ensures more breast symmetry, and returns the woman’s original shape.

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