Female intimate surgery, also called labiaplasty, usually consists of the plastic surgery of the labia majora and minora, or the reduction of the labia minora.

According to plastic surgeon Guilherme Graziosi M.D., the reasons for this surgical procedure range from aesthetic and psychological discomfort due to the appearance of large and small labia to physical discomfort when, for example, the shape or large size of the labia minora can lead to accumulation of secretions or cause pain during intercourse.

In this case, part of the labia minora is removed, and the reconstruction of these structures is performed. The reduction of the labia can be made through local liposuction. When the objective is to correct volume loss due to aging or weight loss, applications of the patient’s fat (structural fat grafting) are performed to improve appearance.

The procedure may last 40-90 minutes with epidural anesthesia and sedation.

Plastic surgeon Guilherme Graziosi M.D. is a professional who is constantly updated in the field of plastic and cosmetic surgery and will guide you on what can be expected from the surgery according to your wishes.

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