These procedures embellish and restructure the skin that has aged due to various physiological or external factors.

They are indicated more frequently to alleviate fine facial lines, such as “crow’s feet,” deep grooves formed on the forehead, and even the expression lines around the mouth. Facial fillings include lip augmentation, cheekbone augmentation, reshaping of the chin or temples, and treatment of dark undereye circles.

The most commonly used product for facial fillings is hyaluronic acid. This component is produced naturally and primarily contributes to elasticity and skin hydration. However, as time passes, the production of this compound naturally decreases.

The filling procedures are performed by a specialized professional like Guilherme Graziosi M.D. in his offices in Niterói.

Anesthesia can be either local or topical. The choice is determined by the area and depth of applications.

Guilherme Graziosi M.D. points out that a thorough evaluation must precede the decision concerning the best approach for the facial procedure, to clarify the pros and cons, and what to expect from each procedure.

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