The facelift is a plastic surgery that aims at rejuvenating the face, eliminating wrinkles and sagging by removing excess skin.

The procedure called rhytidectomy promotes the lifting of facial structures, attenuating wrinkles and restoring facial contours. This surgical procedure is recommended for events such as natural aging, external factors like poor eating habits, sun aging by exposure to solar radiation, or hereditary causes.

These complications make a face lose fat and muscle tone, promoting tissue sagging and giving a more aged appearance to the face. In these cases, the function of the lifting is to elevate and reposition facial muscles.

Lifting is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, and it is especially recommended after 40 years of age. The anesthesia for this procedure is either local with sedation or general, and the length of hospitalization ranges from 24-48 hours. The scars can be hidden in the hairline.

There is more than one surgical technique for facelifts. The entire face or only a part of it can be lifted. The choice will depend on the wishes of the patient and the plastic surgeon’s analysis, as Guilherme Graziosi M.D. points out. He also highlights that it is possible to associate more than one procedure with the lifting, such as a double chin liposuction or an eyelid correction.

In Niterói you can have this procedure done with plastic surgeon Guilherme Graziosi M.D., who points out that the medical evaluation is very important for the patient to receive all the information about the real expectations he or she should have concerning the results of the intervention, as well as about all of the post-surgical care.

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