Also known as otoplasty, plastic surgery of the ears refers to various techniques that can be either associated or not. Although the term is most commonly used for the surgery that corrects prominent (floppy) ears, this procedure also serves to correct congenital asymmetry of shape, size, or constricted ears, to minimize deformities caused by sequels or traumas, as well as to reconstitute ears lost by trauma or congenital conditions.

This surgery can be either restorative when aiming at correcting some congenital malformation or defect, or aesthetic when seeking harmony between the form, volume, and position of the ears. In both cases, the aim is to reduce aesthetic discomfort and to improve the appearance of those looking for this type of surgery.

According to plastic surgeon Guilherme Graziosi M.D., the recommendation is based on the degree of the patient’s discomfort, especially when the purpose is aesthetic.

It is a procedure that should be performed in a hospital setting with local anesthesia and sedation. General anesthesia may be used in the case of children over six years old. The correction of prominent ears is a minimally invasive surgery, and the scars are hidden behind the ear.

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