Cirurgia Plástica de Queixo

Mentoplasty or chin plastic surgery is performed to correct imperfections or change the form of the chin, either increasing or decreasing its size, aiming at reshaping and harmonizing the face.

It may be indicated for the correction of various functional or aesthetic anomalies.

Reduction surgery is the most complex since it often involves the retraction of the jaw or jaw bone and can be indicated not only for aesthetic purposes but also for functional restoration.

Increase mentoplasty is simpler as well as the most popular. It involves the placement of implants or the fracture of the bone itself to bring it forward and remodel the chin. Many times, the association of this intervention with rhinoplasty can be recommended to achieve more symmetrical facial proportions.

Local anesthesia with sedation is recommended when surgery is only for prosthesis placement.

However, when there is the association with another surgical intervention general anesthesia may be considered. This decision must be made by the doctor and the patient together. This procedure lasts around 40-120 minutes.

According to plastic surgeon Guilherme Graziosi M.D., the correct indication, and execution of this intervention can lead to satisfactory results regarding facial harmonization since the format of the chin can have effects on other areas of the face.

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