Burns can be caused by chemical or physical agents, with the consequent disruption of the skin barrier. Burns are classified according to their depth, from first degree (when they reach the epidermis) to third degree (when it reaches all layers of the skin and deeper tissues).

Deep burns, such as second and third-degree burns, always leave scars that can be alleviated, even though they cannot be completely removed. There are several cosmetic procedures to reduce burn scars.

The acutest treatments include skin grafts or flaps, and plastic surgeon Guilherme Graziosi M.D. emphasizes the importance of protection from sunlight and the use of elastic compression mesh which help prevent the formation of hypertrophic scarring and keloids. The type of sequelae will determine the best procedure to be adopted, which can be grafting, zetaplasty, or use the of skin expansions. In more severe cases that require hospitalization, the kind of anesthesia used can be local with sedation (which allows the patient to return home in a few hours) or general anesthesia can be recommended depending on the degree and extent of the injury.

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