The objective of reduction mammoplasty to reduce breast in size and weight for various reasons, including discomfort and pain, postural deviation, or even aesthetic and psychological discomfort. Another indication is for women who have exceedingly large breasts (Gigantomastia) and some degree of ptosis (drooping) when the removal of large amounts of breast tissue is possible.

Plastic surgeon Guilherme Graziosi M.D. recommends that this intervention only is made after full breast development, which usually occurs around age 17. However, there are special cases where the accelerated growth of the breasts causes functional impairments such as postural deviation, back pain, or even complete breast development before age 17.

The criteria adopted for this intervention are chest size, the degree of breast hypertrophy, and patient satisfaction.

The intervention may last 4 hours, and general anesthesia is recommended. Graziosi M.D. emphasizes the importance of medical consultation for decision-making regarding the best procedure and awareness between real expectations and possible results.

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