In most cases, breast reconstruction procedure is recommended after mastectomy and can be performed using different techniques, depending on the size and on the location of removed tissue. For this reason, the ideal technique will be determined according to each situation. The most common use the patient’s breast tissue for reconstruction (called local flaps), which can be associated with silicone implants or not.

Another technique is the use of tissue expanders, which can provide satisfactory results especially in cases of immediate breast reconstruction.

The process of breast reconstruction may be carried out in the same procedure as the mastectomy surgery or later. If the procedure is to be performed later, it is important to be re-evaluated and authorized by an oncologist. In late breast reconstruction surgeries, musculocutaneous flaps such as the TRAM (abdominal) flap or the Great Dorsal (back) can be used in association with silicone implants. Also, there are specific techniques to reconstruct the nipple and aureola.

Guilherme Graziosi M.D. points out that this type of surgery is essential to restore the self-esteem of patients who underwent mastectomy surgery.

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